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Synergic Diet uses a multi-facted approach to provide you with diet and weight loss information you can use.  Synergic Diet also develops Customized Weight Loss Plans for customers.  Each plan includes coaching and a performance guarantee.  At Synergic Diet we have developed Synergic Effect Weight Loss Tools that are featured in our plans and cover favorable interactions that make the Synergic Diet a fun and innovative weight loss plan..

New to  Here is a game plan.  Start with MEASURE to identify effective measurement tools and results.  Move to BMI to determine Body Mass Index related Risks.  Use CALC to access our BMI calculator and Visual Appearance Model.  GOALS covers need for weight and body fat targets.   LIFESTYLE shows how a balanced plan is required to achieve weight and body fat targets.  Proceed to PLANNING to determine your calorie allowance for activity level and to monitor calorie intake.  Exercise Guidelines gives you key info to set up an effective exercise program.  Proceed to Exercise & Sport to download a table covering caloric burn rates for various activities and sports.  If you wish, review WEIGHT LOSS COACHING and use CONTACT to inquire about Synergic Diet personalized weight loss plan with coaching and weight loss guarantee.  Review the ICE IS NICE page to see one of our Synergic Effects - consumption of ice water and ice can produce a measurable weight loss effect when considered in totality with other factors.  Sumptuous recipes that can be part of a Synergic Diet Weight Loss Plan can be viewed at RECIPES.  Weight loss related equipment info is covered in STORE and STORE 2.  Finally, Synergic Diet has put together useful LINKS to connect you with premier diet and weight loss related sites.  All information at Synergic Diet has been assembled with care, however, it is strongly recommended that you consult with your doctor before setting weight loss or body fat percentage targets as well as undertaking any weight loss or body fat reduction plan.

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